Social Engineering Expert (Full-course)

From Beginner to Advanced

Social Engineering Expert (Full-course)
Social Engineering Expert (Full-course)

Social Engineering Expert (Full-course) udemy course free download:

From Beginner to Advanced

What you'll learn:

Learn Social Engineering From Scratch

  • Hack updated & patched systems (Windows, Linux, OS X, and Android).
  • Generate undetectable backdoors for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux & Android.
  • Generate malware to steal all passwords from Windows & Linux.
  • Embed malware in Microsoft Office documents.
  • Backdoor Android applications.
  • Make evil files (backdoors/keyloggers) look and function like regular files (image, pdf, or any other file type).
  • Manually modify malware to bypass anti-virus programs.
  • Advanced malware delivery techniques (through fake pages, emails, indirect notifications….etc.)
  • She advanced post-exploitation.
  • Discover websites, companies, people, emails, and social networking accounts associated with a person or a company.
  • Install hacking lab & needed software (on Windows, OS X, and Linux)
  • Install Kali Linux – a penetration-testing operating system
  • Install windows & vulnerable operating systems as virtual machines for testing
  • Learn Linux basics
  • Learn Linux commands and how to interact with the terminal
  • Build attack strategies based on the gathered info
  • Generate a remote keylogger that logs every critical strike entered on a target computer and sends reports by email.
  • Backdoor Debian packages for Linux
  • Generate OS X backdoors that look and function like regular files (image, pdf ..etc.).
  • Hack OS X and Linux computers by using a simple one-line command.
  • Send emails from ANY email account.
  • Create fake websites that look exactly like any other website.
  • Create a fake login page and use it to steal passwords.
  • Use clever social engineering techniques to make the target person willingly use our fake website.
  • Deliver malware as fake updates, fake installers ..etc.
  • Read, write, download, upload, and execute files on compromised systems.
  • Capture critical strikes on compromised systems.
  • Use a compromised computer as a pivot to hack other computers on the same network.
  • Maintain your access to the hacked systems even after restarting.
  • Escalate your privileges to admin.
  • Analyse files & detect undetectable malware.
  • Use a sandbox to analyze undetectable malware.
  • Access messages, social accounts, cameras, GPS …..etc. Of the hacked phones.


  • Basic IT Skills
  • No Linux, programming, or hacking knowledge is required.
  • Computer with a minimum of 4GB ram/memory
  • Operating System: Windows / OS X / Linux


Learn Social Engineering from the author of one of the best-selling Social Engineering books on Amazon. Hello, my name is Jeremiah Talamantes, founder and former CEO of RedTeam Security -- a cyber security services firm specializing in Social Engineering, Red Teaming, and Penetration Testing for some of the world's largest companies. A few years ago my company was the subject of a viral video on Youtube called, "Hacking The Grid" and later featured on NBC's Dateline.

I developed this course especially for people interested in becoming a social engineer or simply enhancing their social engineering skills. More importantly, I discuss what to avoid as well. In this course, I provide a comprehensive strategy to learning the craft and all the downloadable documents you might need in the execution of your own social engineering campaign for your company or your own security practice.

Are you under the impression Social Engineering only amounts to email phishing? Are you one of the hundreds of thousands that use "social engineering tools" without knowing human psychology, kill chain methodology, micro-expressions, and execution principles behind exploiting human behavior?

This Social Engineering Expert course focuses on far more than just email phishing. Learn about social engineering kill chain methodology and how to use it to craft and execute your own social engineering campaigns with precision and confidence. Discover various attack vectors, such as Baiting, Vishing, and Pretexting. Stop what you're doing and take a minute to check out this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to know advanced tactics well beyond just email phishing
  • Any who wants to enter into the emerging field of Ethical Hacking, specializing in Social Engineering

Course Details:

  • 6 hours on-demand video
  • 12 articles
  • 5 downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion

Social Engineering Expert (Full-course)

From Beginner to Advanced
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