Shoot and Sell Photos Online in 5 Days

From Concept to Sales - Master Stock Photography

Shoot and Sell Photos Online in 5 Days
Shoot and Sell Photos Online in 5 Days

Shoot and Sell Photos Online in 5 Days udemy course free download:

From Concept to Sales - Master Stock Photography

What you'll learn:

  • Plan a photo shoot from a single idea
  • Set up a location, props, interact with models
  • Do a photo shoot
  • Select, develop and retouching photos
  • Add metadata, upload and submit phtoos


  • Basic Photography Knowledge
  • Digital Camera or Smartphone
  • Photo Editing Software


Get started on Stock Photography FAST. In this hands-on course I'll show you all my process in a very simple and effective way. There's no time to waste! I'll bring you along through a whole shoot from the moment I come up with a new idea, to the very end when I submit and start SELLING photos.

We'll do everything in just 5 DAYS and, if you follow along, you'll have your very own stock photos ready to submit and sell in less than a week!

Why would you want to shoot and sell stock photos?

1. Be your own boss - YOU decide what to shoot, who to shoot, when to shoot. Just make sure you DO shoot and work, this is not an easy money scheme.

2. Create a Passive Income - When you sell digital products like stock photos, you can sell your photos 24/7, all year long. You can sell licenses of your photos even while you sleep!

3. Manage your time - Work whenever you can, at your own pace. If you have another job, you're a student or anything else, and you just have a few hours a day or weekends free, that's fine, that's enough to get you started. That's how I started anyway, and now I make a great living only from selling my photos. I work when I want, I have spare time to spend with my family, friends, and I decide when to work and what to work on.

4. See your photos everywhere - You also get to see your photos published and used all over the world. It is a great feeling to be walking down the street and seeing your photos used for advertising on many ads and shops, or getting a text from a friend who saw one of your photos somewhere else in the world!

5. Do what you love - If you love to travel, you love food, love pets, love people, anything's fine. You can shoot what you love and still make some money from it. No dealing with clients or bosses, just follow your passion!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone curious about photography and thinking about selling photos online.
  • Experienced photographers looking for an extra source of income or a change in career path.
  • People already selling stock photos without getting good sales.
  • Professionals of any other industry looking to start a new hobby and earn some money in the process.

Course Details:

  • 2 ч видео по запросу
  • 7 ресурсов для скачивания
  • Полный пожизненный доступ
  • Доступ через мобильные устройства и телевизор
  • Сертификат об окончании

Shoot and Sell Photos Online in 5 Days

From Concept to Sales - Master Stock Photography
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