Master Hiring & Interview Skills for Recruiting the Best Fit

2022 - All-in-One Human Resources Course on Effective Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, Questioning & Interviewing

Master Hiring & Interview Skills for Recruiting the Best Fit
Master Hiring & Interview Skills for Recruiting the Best Fit Udemy Free Download

Master Hiring & Interview Skills for Recruiting the Best Fit udemy course free download:

2022 - All-in-One Human Resources Course on Effective Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, Questioning & Interviewing

What you'll learn:

  • Solutions for solving the 5 major types of common interviewers’ worries
  • Master the 5-Fit model for recruiting the best fit for every job
  • Apply effective interview questions and the S.T.A.R. model 2.0 to obtain concrete info for your decision
  • Powerful listening and observation techniques to identify the best talent
  • Accurately assess candidates’ competencies required by the job
  • Interview difficult candidates professionally to get the most from them
  • Conduct professional interviews to achieve maximum impact
  • Effective screening techniques to select the best talent for every job
  • Create well-organized and impressive experience for your candidates
  • Manage the interview pace and get adequate info you want for hiring decision
  • Conduct effective reference check to obtain useful insights for hiring decision
  • Understand potential red flags to spot low performers and liars during interviews


  • There are no prerequisites to join this course but just a desire to learn more!


The WHOLE COURSE is COMPLETELY REVISED in LATE 2021!!!!!  Now the course is all made by interesting and engaging videos with very clear caption, to facilitate your learning.  It is a course for BOTH hiring managers and job seekers.  With the enrollment of close to 9,000 students all over the world, here are some comments:

  • "Wow course, its one in all for both the interviewers and candidates. So put it as a masterpiece to every-one who wants to either attend interview or conduct interview." - Mahendrakumar Yadav - 5 stars

  • "I am job seeker. the course helped me to know what the HR and panel members want from candidates. thanks." - Munguntuya - 5 stars

  • "Excellent! Exceed my expectation! So informative with many useful tips which I have never noticed before. The interview questions in the resource areas are ready to be used. The presentation is clear, concise and easy to understand. I like it, very good course! Highly recommend to everyone who is involved in hiring." - Fung Wai Tung  - 5 stars

  • "This is an excellent e-course which is very well structured, prepared and presented, with a step-by-step logical approach leading the viewer to master the key success factors in conducting job interviews." - Wing Shiu Joseph Yau - 5 stars

  • "300 brilliant interview QS from a recruitment expert, practical tips to spot a liar, pros and cons of ATS, & support in 2 FB groups!" - Ivon Timmermans - 5 stars

  • "I found the course very useful and I would try apply this in my daily life, good job!" - Terry  - 5 stars

  • "Very helpful for me to understand what the interviewer is looking for in hiring people" - Winnie - 5 stars -

  • "This is inspiring and good for both hiring mgr as well as job seekers!" - W Fung - 5 stars

  • "The course is very comprehensive and systematic. Like it a lot. I really learned some new skills!" - Keith Chan - 5 stars

Are you struggling with hiring? Are you worrying about interviews?  I am sure you understand how important it is to get the right talent. Having a wrong hire costs you not only tremendous money, time and effort but also brings significant negative impact on your Company as well as you!

Hiring is an important decision and you might have various concerns on how to recruit the best talent. As the cost of bad hire is too expensive, you want to recruit right the first time. Fortunately, getting your best fit is not a matter of luck or a natural-born ability. This skill can be learnt and mastered. You can do it even though you are just a new beginner and a non-HR professional.

Even if you are not hiring, this course is also beneficial for you. Many skills and techniques covered in this course are very useful in your daily life and workplace. You can apply them in your daily conversation, business meetings, staff coaching, projects, team collaboration and many other situations.

If you are a job seeker, this course also helps you. As an ancient Chinese proverb said, “Know your enemy and yourself well, you will win in every battle.” If you want to land your ideal job, you must know the game rules of the interview from the hiring point of view, so that you can target at what the Hiring Manager wants and then sell the best of yourself.

So what is this course about? It includes everything that you need to master the hiring and interview process from beginning to end, aiming at solving the 5 major types of interviewers' worries. This comprehensive, step-by-step 5.5 hour course covers:

  • The 5-Fit that must be considered for all the right hire for every position

  • How to design powerful interview questions and methods to assess your candidates’ suitability

  • How to actively listen and observe candidates to distinguish the top and low performers

  • How to interview difficult candidates and get the most from them during interviews

  • How to effectively screen in your best candidates for interviews

  • How to conduct professional interviews to achieve maximum impact

  • How to control the interview and get sufficient info for your decision

  • How to create impressive good experience for your candidates

  • How to conduct an effective and insightful reference check

  • And a lot more…

The course is structured in an easy-to-understand approach with clear and concise PowerPoint slides to facilitate your learning. There is a key takeaway lecture at the end of each session to help you to get the major points and an overall "Let's Wrap Up" lecture on recapping the solutions for solving the common interviewers' worries. It also includes over 300 interview sample questions that you can download and tailor-made to suit your interview styles. 

So let's start.  Enroll the course now and enjoy!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is involved in the hiring, recruitment and interview process
  • Job seeker who wants to get the ideal job
  • Anyone who wants to improve the hiring and interview skills
  • Anyone who wants to understand how to hire right the first time
  • Anyone who wants to polish their questioning and listening techniques in their daily life and workplace

Course Details:

  • 5.5 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 19 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

Master Hiring & Interview Skills for Recruiting the Best Fit

2022 - All-in-One Human Resources Course on Effective Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, Questioning & Interviewing
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