Best Raspberry Pi Course and Guide

Raspberry Pi Tutorial. From Beginner to Expert Level in 3 days -Everything has been updated to 2023 standards.

Best Raspberry Pi Course and Guide
Best Raspberry Pi Course and Guide

Best Raspberry Pi Course and Guide udemy course free download:

Raspberry Pi Tutorial. From Beginner to Expert Level in 3 days -Everything has been updated to 2023 standards.

What you'll learn:

Learn Hacking using Raspberry Pi From Scratch – Free Course Site

  • More the 90 detailed videos explain how to use Raspberry Pi for Penetration Testing
  • Learn tons of Linux commands & interact with Terminal
  • What Raspberry Pi is
  • Build your own Portable Hacking Device
  • Configure Raspberry Pi with Kali Linux properly
  • Take your Raspberry Pi Everywhere
  • Connect to Raspberry Pi wirelessly via SSH using PC/Laptop/Smartphone
  • Connect to Raspberry Pi over WAN
  • Setup LCD Screen with Raspberry Pi
  • Network Security Testing
  • Carry out several Wi-Fi attacks without having the key
  • Crack any WEP/WPA2 WiFi encryption using several methods
  • Launch Evil Twin attack using your PC/Laptop/Smartphone
  • Steal the users Social Network login Credentials
  • Protect your WiFi network against all the explained attacks
  • Hacking Windows 10 /8.1/8/7/Vista like the Black Hat Hackers
  • Hacking Mac OSX with RP
  • Learn hacking Linux Operating System with RP
  • Hacking Linux and Mac OS using one command
  • Hacking Windows, Mac OS, and Linux over WAN
  • Setup Raspberry Pi Zero for Hacking
  • Hacking Windows/ Linux just by plugging the Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Stealing locked Windows/Mac login Credentials
  • Escalate your privileges in Windows/ Mac OS and Linux
  • Interact with the Compromised Operating System
  • Maintaining Access in Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux
  • Connect securely to Raspberry Pi using VPN
  • Build a TOR Router with Raspberry Pi


  • Basic IT skills
  • PC/Laptop
  • Raspberry Pi 3 & Zero


Learn from A-Z about Raspberry Pi. Installation,Troubleshooting,Projects,Programming with Python +c++ etc.

This Raspberry Pi course will provide the information you need to Raspberry Pi

No previous programming or electronics knowledge is required.



Section 1:Introduction to Raspberry Pi -Model1-2-3-4

Lecture 1:What should I know before buying a Raspberry Pi?

Lecture 2:What is a Raspberry Pi ?

Lecture 3:How many models has Raspberry Pi ?

Section 2:Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

Lecture 4:Which Component Do you need ?

Lecture 5:What’s inside the Raspberry Pi Box

Lecture 6:Connect your Raspberry Pi -All Companents

Section 3:Installation

Lecture 7:How to Run Raspbian in a Virtual Machine (VMWare / Virtualbox / QEMU) ?

Lecture 8:How to install Raspberry Pi on SD Card

Lecture 9:How to Install Manjaro on Raspberry Pi?

Section 4:Enable / Disable Connections

Lecture 10:IP Address on Raspberry Pi

Lecture 11:How to Enable SSH ?

Lecture 12:How to Enable VNC ?

Section 5:Linux -Raspberry Pi Commands

Lecture 13:sudo raspi-config

Lecture 14:Checking the File Systems

Lecture 15:How to install fonts on Raspberry Pi?

Lecture 16:Sudo

Lecture 17:pwd

Lecture 18:ls

Lecture 19:cd

Lecture 20:cat

Lecture 21:man

Lecture 22:less

Lecture 23:Ping

Lecture 24:history

Lecture 25:whoami

Lecture 26:rmdir

Lecture 27:Add a User

Lecture 28:Poweroff  /Reboot /Shutdown

Lecture 29:Disable /Enable Intefaces

Lecture 30:crontab

Lecture 31:nslookup

Lecture 32:File Management Commands

Lecture 33:Edit a config file

Lecture 34:Display system processes

Lecture 35:Check free and used RAM

Lecture 36:Monitor kernel events

Lecture 37:Install and manage software

Lecture 38:Curl - Transfer data over a network

Section 6:Project Ideas for Raspberry Pi

Lecture 39:Train Departure Screen

Lecture 40:Small backup storage

Lecture 41:Monitoring

Lecture 42:Internet or Network / Wi-Fi speed tester

Lecture 43:Nagios Remote Agent

Lecture 44:Proxy or VPN server in a DMZ

Lecture 45:Make your own NAS drive

Lecture 46:Power Cat Feeder

Lecture 47:Stratux

Lecture 48:Build a Weather Station

Lecture 49:Whatsapp on your Raspberry Pi

Lecture 50:Radio

Lecture 51:Twitter Bot

Lecture 52:IPTV

Lecture 53:Robot Arm

Lecture 54:Magic Mirror

Lecture 55:Minecraft Machine

Lecture 56:Make a Phone

Section 7:Python Programming

Lecture 57:Install and Update Python

Lecture 58:Opening the Python

Lecture 59:Writing Codes

Lecture 60:Run a Python Code

Lecture 61:Make a Python Executable

Section 8:Problems & Fix

Lecture 62:SPI EEPROM has become corrupted.

Lecture 63:I can not assign ip address ?

Lecture 64:Why is my Raspberry Pi not Booting?


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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning about Raspberry Pi

Course Details:

  • 33 mins on-demand video
  • 63 articles
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion

Best Raspberry Pi Course and Guide

Raspberry Pi Tutorial. From Beginner to Expert Level in 3 days -Everything has been updated to 2023 standards.
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