Google Ads Complete Training for 2023. Become A Master

Google Ads Course - the Complete Guide to Google Ads - Practical Walkthroughs Inside Google Ads Taught By a Veteran

Google Ads Complete Training for 2023. Become A Master
Google Ads Complete Training for 2023. Become A Master

Google Ads Complete Training for 2023. Become A Master udemy course free download:

Google Ads Course - the Complete Guide to Google Ads - Practical Walkthroughs Inside Google Ads Taught By a Veteran

What you'll learn:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of all the major concepts in Google Ads
  • Gain a solid background to the planning and researching processes in a new account setup
  • Become empowered to build an excellent Google Ads account
  • Achieve a broad understanding of the requirements for ongoing account management and gain the ability to practically manage an account day to day
  • Gain a strong understanding of marketing strategy and how to best use Google Ads as a technical implementation tool
  • Become familiar with and able to implement advanced tactics in Google Ads


  • Recommended to have access to a Google Ads Account


** Last Update - Feb 2023 ** the course has undergone a full update.

A top rated Google Ads course designed for anyone wanting to improve digital marketing strategies & practice! 

The Google Ads course is designed as a handbook and guide for building and managing a successful Google Ads campaign.

Whether you are beginning your journey in digital marketing or have a couple of years experience and want to upskill and become more professional, this course is for you!

The course covers everything you need to know to be great as a Google Ads marketer. We start from a basic level all the way up to covering advanced strategies.

How Is This Course Different?

Most courses teach you a lot of the ‘what’: 'what are CPC’s? What is a campaign?'.

Some courses teach you a bit of the ‘how’: 'how to set up an account, how to adjust bids and other technical aspects'. But even these courses tend to focus on account setup only. (don’t take my word for it, look through the course curriculums!). 

This course is different...

In this course we will cover both the what and the how.  And not just how to setup an account, we show you what you should be doing on an ongoing basis. This is what we actually do when we manage an account in our agency.  We show you how to create an account that is both technically and strategically excellent.

A great account requires two levels of greatness:

  1. To be built and run with technical precision, with all the technical aspects implemented according to best practice.

  2. To be strategically excellent, where the account is an embodiment of the marketing strategy implemented in practice. We show you how to translate strategy into the framework and tactics of Google ads. (I believe that 90% of marketers practicing today, still do not understand this discrepancy between strategy and tactics, in the course we explain this difference and how it greatly affects the way you use Google Ads.)

By the end of this course you will have a thorough understanding of Google Ads including all the key concepts within the platform and have the practical tools and skills to manage an account. This will be taught as a practical guide for setting up and running a successful account both on a basic, strategic and advanced level.

The course can be used as a handbook for you to apply to your own campaigns or your own clients. Practicality and usefulness was our guiding principal in writing the course.

We start by providing a strong understanding of Google Ads concepts and then focus on practice and application, giving you the tools to manage your own account. We show you how we manage our own successful accounts, which you can use as a blueprint to running your campaigns. This includes planning, research, account builds, basic and advanced optimisations.

Lot's of Course Materials!

We provide a range of free course materials throughout the course.  This includes calculators, guides, forms, templates, scripts and more.  All of this available for free to enrolled students via our marketplace 'byMarketers'

Added Bonus: All students also receive a 30% discount on all other products our digital marketing marketplace 'byMarketers'

What Students Are saying:

Bill Dermody (July, 2022) wrote:

"It was very well done. I especially liked that he had the green screen with the interface of Google Ads behind him."

Kab (Feb, 2022) wrote:

"This is my 5th course about Google Ads. This course is the only one with a marketing strategic approach. It is a course completely different from the others. It teaches how to think, which is very rare. About the practical part (the "how to do" part), this course highlights specific technical points that (for some of them) I never heard of in the other Google Ads courses. And about the technical points I already knew about, they are presented here in a very different way that helped me to go in-depth. I am very grateful for such a course as I feel more confident : I have now a very professional framework, a clear methodology that I can apply on any Google Ads account. I know how to structure the account, plan my actions, forecast the results, control the budget, debug. The course explains also in gread details how to run an experiment and gives the steps to follow. And I have also a clear idea of what and when to optimize. I also have a clear idea of the most important technical things I have to focus on, to do a lot better than an average practionner (yes !!!). At the end of the course, I feel "organised" in my mind. However, as I do not have any experience, it has been hard work for me to grasp everything, as there is a lot of information in the course ! And I am wondering if this is the best course to start with, if you do not know the Google Ads platform at all."

Leigh (July, 2021) wrote:

"I am an SEO Specialist, work at a branding and dev agency, and understand where ads fit into the marketing process. This is the 4th or 5th course I've tried after not really feeling like others did enough, or put everything into perspective. It's very important to be able to think about ads and reporting the results, and most instruction will just show you the interface of Ads and explain a thing or two. This instructor goes beyond that. It's really good content and well planned, and perfect if you want to run ads in a professional setting and plan to prove your work and learn how to improve and check yourself."

Emma Whaley (July, 2021) wrote:

"This course was efficient, got to the point and taught me exactly what I needed to learn and more. Thanks!"

What we cover:

The course is divided into 8 sections. Sections 2 & 3 are designed mostly for beginners. For students with some background in Google Ads, we recommend starting from section 4.

  1. Introduction

  2. Background to Google Ads

  3. Key Terms & Concepts

  4. Planning, research & Strategy Generation

  5. Campaign Build Stage

  6. Fundamental Optimisations

  7. Advanced Optimisations

  8. Common Issues we Troubleshoot

Who this course is for:

  • Google Ads Beginners
  • Google Ads Managers with 1 to 3 years experience
  • Digital Marketers

Course Details:

  • 4.5 hours on-demand video
  • 6 quizzes
  • Certificate of completion

Google Ads Complete Training for 2023. Become A Master

Google Ads Course - the Complete Guide to Google Ads - Practical Walkthroughs Inside Google Ads Taught By a Veteran
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