Instagram & Facebook Marketing Course

Learn how to create beautiful and effective online marketing campaigns for Instagram & Facebook ads in 2021

Instagram & Facebook Marketing Course
Instagram & Facebook Marketing Course

Instagram & Facebook Marketing Course udemy course free download:

Learn how to create beautiful and effective online marketing campaigns for Instagram & Facebook ads in 2021

What you'll learn:

(2019) Facebook Ads: Facebook / Instagram Advertising Course

  • Develop the full range of skills to launch and manage Facebook Ads like a Pro
  • Target specific Facebook users using demographics, interests, and geography

  • Use advanced features of Facebook Advertising like lead ads and app install ads

  • Employ pixel and event tracking with your Facebook Ads for website and mobile app retargeting
  • Create custom and lookalike audiences for Facebook using external data (e.g. MailChimp, an email list, or a CRM system)
  • Build both a Facebook product feed and a Facebook product catalog


  • You will need to have (or be able to create) a Facebook Business page.
  • You’ll need to have the ability to re-size photos or have access to someone who can.


In this course, you will learn how to design beautiful & effective marketing campaigns that can be used for Facebook & Instagram advertising. As an added bonus, we’ll explore the Facebook Ads creator tool and learn how to publish our ads.

All of this will be done with the help of Figma. A leading design software, helping teams and individuals create designs faster and more efficiently. Figma is free and you can use it right on your web browser, on Mac and Windows.

Is this course for you?

You're in the right place if any of these apply to you:

  • You’re interested in digital marketing and not sure where to start

  • You’re a beginner-level marketer looking to learn more about Facebook & Instagram advertising

  • You’re an entrepreneur with a business offering and want to attract more customers to your product or service using online ads.

  • You want to brush up your design skills as an intermediate or expert level marketer to take on bigger clients or charge more for your services.

  • You’re interested in earning income as a freelance marketer.

  • You simply want to enter a new career path, and marketing has interested you.

By the end of this course:

You will have learned the fundamentals of marketing and designing effective marketing campaigns for Facebook & Instagram. You will be able to create image ads, put together carousel ads, write ad copy, and design product ads all from scratch to attract potential clients for your business or your clients’.

What do I need?

This course is for both beginners & intermediate-level marketers looking to expand their skills. All you need is a computer and a web browser.

About your instructor:

This course is taught by entrepreneur & designer Nima Tahami. Nima has more than 11 years of experience designing and developing dozens of mobile apps and web apps for both clients and startups of his own. Nima's current startup, ShiftRide, has been covered in many news outlets, including Forbes, where his app was highlighted for its ease of use. Nima’s lead the marketing for startups and projects for 6+ years, creating dozens of effective online ads, with hundreds of thousands of views for them.

Nima has created this course to help people get into the marketing industry and learn how to put together effective marketing campaigns. Design is part of the foundation of many things from great products & websites to great advertisements and everything in between. Nima has also designed and developed an open-source iPhone development library by the name of FCAlertView, helping 350,000+ app developers use beautiful customizable alert prompts within their applications.

Course Overview:

The course is broken down into 4 main parts + a bonus: Learning all about Figma, Putting Together a Singe-Image Facebook Ad, Creating a Muti-Imaged Carousel Ad, and Designing a Beautiful Product Showcase Ad. The bonus section will cover the basics of Facebook’s Ads Creator and how to publish ads from start to finish using this tool. Here’s the breakdown of the 5 parts:

Learning All About Figma:

  • Understanding why Figma is great

  • Signing Up for Figma

  • Going over the basics of the software

  • Creating Frames and Shapes

Putting Together a Singe-Image Facebook Ad:

  • Browsing Sample Facebook Ads to Get Inspiration

  • Finding Free Resources to Use Images

  • Writing the Ad Copy

  • Adding Text to Our Ads

  • Picking the Right Call-to-Action

Creating a Muti-Imaged Carousel Ad:

  • How to Create Carousel Ads

  • Adding Branding to Our Ads

  • Using Prototyping to Browse our Carousel in Figma

  • Adding Customer Testimonials

  • Learning How to Write Headlines

Designing a Beautiful Product Showcase Ad

  • Learning How to Design a Unique Background Image

  • Exploring Figma Plugins to Help us with Backgrounds

  • Adding a Phone Mockup

  • Coming up with a Company Slogan

  • Turning our Product Ad to a Carousel Type Ad

Learn the Basics of Facebook’s Ads Creator

  • Learning about the Facebook Ads Manager

  • Picking Campaign Objectives

  • Setting up an Ad Campaign

  • Setting up an Ad Set

  • Adding an Ad to our Campaign

  • Publishing Tools

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started learning how to design effective marketing campaigns using Figma and take our marketing skills to a whole new level together.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Marketers Looking to Learn More on Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Intermediate Marketers Looking to Brush up their Design Skills
  • Business Owners Looking to Create Effective Marketing Campaigns for their Business
  • Individuals Interested to Get into the Marketing Space
  • Individuals Interested in Working as a Freelance Marketer

Course Details:

  • 5 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 14 downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion

Instagram & Facebook Marketing Course

Learn how to create beautiful and effective online marketing campaigns for Instagram & Facebook ads in 2021
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