Effective Strategies for Teaching Differently (ESTeD)

Successful strategies to Improve your child's learning outcomes. Be a master of his/her destiny. Dispel common beliefs.

Effective Strategies for Teaching Differently (ESTeD)
Effective Strategies for Teaching Differently (ESTeD) Udemy Free Download

Effective Strategies for Teaching Differently (ESTeD) udemy course free download:

Successful strategies to Improve your child's learning outcomes. Be a master of his/her destiny. Dispel common beliefs.

What you'll learn:

  • Strategies to Teach Differently
  • Strategies for Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Tactile (VAKT) Learners
  • How to Become a successful Remedial Coach for your child in COVID environment
  • Successful Remedial Techniques for Children with Learning Disabilities
  • Success Formulas to Overcome Dyslexia Dysgraphia, Discalculia
  • Parenting your slow learner child


  • Passion to help your child or student improve learning outcomes
  • Complete my course on Overcoming Learning Disabilities


“Imagine your delight when you start experiencing palpable improvements in learning outcomes of your child and your joy when she/he becomes a real life achiever”

In this course, Effective Strategies for Teaching Differently (ESTeD) I will help you develop and practice strategies and techniques to Teach Differently.  The course addresses the real desire of a child:  “If I can’t learn the way you teach, can you teach me the way I learn?” – essence of Teaching Differently.

This is my Flagship course. In my basic course Overcoming Learning Difficulties you have developed a conceptual understanding of Learning Difficulties/Challenges/Disabilities (LD) faced by children, as is seen by the common world. Then you have learnt why these children are not exactly learning disabled but merely wired to Learn Differently. Now I introduce you to the interesting World of Teaching Differently (TD)” which to me is a more appropriate synonym for Remedial Education. In fact more frequent use of  term Teaching Differently  in place of Remedial Education has created tremendous positive psychological impact in the minds of the children, the parents, the educators as also the the society towards the child rather than being branded as weak or learning disabled. However, it may take a few more years for the world to adopt this new term called Teaching differently. Hence, for the purpose of this course and also to help you earn a formal qualification I may use the term Remedial Education during the course of my instruction.

Methodology of Delivery. The course presents 20 different strategies explained through interesting and exciting videos. The videos present, child’s different types of learning styles, demonstrates simple techniques to be adopted for different learning styles, provides real life examples and suggests handy resources to be used. The course is conducted like a practical coach rather than as a theoretical instructor.

Learning Objective. This course will adequately enable you to become your child’s coach and help the child become real life achiever. The course is delivered in the most simplistic manner for any concerned parent or teacher to comprehend the nuances of Teaching Differently. This course is really beneficial for you if you are (A) a parent concerned about your child’s learning outcomes, (B) a teacher dealing with slow learners in class (C) an aspiring or practicing remedial educator (D) anyone dealing with children reluctant to learn. After completing this course you can even earn a reasonable income by becoming a successful  Teaching Differently Specialist  or professional Remedial Educator.  You may join ESTeD course directly. But, if you are not already a special educator, I recommend that you complete this introductory course Overcoming Learning Differently first, so that you are in the right conceptual framework. For those opting for ESTeD,  I have offered Overcoming Learning Disabilities course as a bonus.  You can also opt to get a Qualification Certificate by applying for a short online examination at a nominal fee.

Bonus Resources. Of course I have many more strategies up my sleeve which I will share with you as you show good progress. I will also share resources like PPTs, PDF documents and other digital resources if you wish to join my coaching program. I will also reach out to you through my webinars and chats. You can reach out to me for your queries through my Facebook page “Coach Balasaraswathy” or mail me to dir.vedasignite@outlook.com.

The course is structured into following topics.

6.1 Remedial Strategies – An Introduction

6.2 Remedial Instructions

6.3 Areas of Remediation – “Motor”

6.4 Areas of Remediation – “Academics”

6.5 Remedial Strategies – “Allowing Flexibility”

6.6 Remediation in Basic Skills – “Language”

6.7 Remediation in Basic Skills – “Reading”

6.8 Remedial Strategies on Reading – “Word Attack Skill”

6.9 Remedial Strategies on Reading – “Look and Say Teaching Method”

6.10 Visual Skills – “Reading, Writing and Mathematics”

7.1 Remedial Strategy : Visual Perception Weakness

7.2 Remedial Strategy : Visual Perception Weakness to Read

7.3 Remedial Strategy : Visual Motor Weakness

7.4 Remedial Strategy : Visual Motor Co-ordination

7.5 Remedial Strategy : Visual Motor Integration

Best of luck! Enjoy the course! Have fun learning! And do give me your feedback. I will be eagerly waiting for it.

Who this course is for:

  • Parents desirous of helping children realize their learning potential in COVID environment
  • Teachers desirous of improving students learning outcomes and performance
  • Graduates wanting to take up remedial education as a profession
  • Speech and Language Therapists working with children facing learning challenges
  • Child Psychologists and Counselors
  • Special Educators

Course Details:

  • 1.5 hours on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

Effective Strategies for Teaching Differently (ESTeD)

Successful strategies to Improve your child's learning outcomes. Be a master of his/her destiny. Dispel common beliefs.
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