Complete Data Privacy (GDPR) Fundamentals

A Complete Data Privacy and GDPR Fundamental Course to help you understand GDPR and how to protect your data and Privacy

Complete Data Privacy (GDPR) Fundamentals
Complete Data Privacy (GDPR) Fundamentals

Complete Data Privacy (GDPR) Fundamentals udemy course free download:

A Complete Data Privacy and GDPR Fundamental Course to help you understand GDPR and how to protect your data and Privacy

What you'll learn:

  • Understand Data and the importance of Data in the current century and the upcoming future.
  • What are Data Privacy, Data Protection, and Data Security?
  • Gain an immersive understanding of GDPR and The history behind it.
  • Understand the key principles of data processing under GDPR.
  • Understand the lawful basis of data processing under GDPR.
  • Obtain knowledge of individuals privacy rights covered by GDPR.
  • What's Data Privacy by design and by default Approach?
  • What's Appropriate Technical and Organizational Measures Approach?
  • Necessary and relevant terminologies in Data Privacy and Protection Field.
  • Learn how to assess a Project, Service, Process, or Product from Privacy Perspective.
  • Get to know What's OneTrust? Why and How data privacy officers are using it?


  • No Data Privacy background is required.


Personal Information is all about who we are as individuals, And Privacy is an absolutely important aspect of our human rights.

Our personal information is involved in almost everything we do online,  Therefore, Everyone should understand their personal information (Data), Their right to privacy, and how to protect their data.

Why should you enroll in this course?

  1. This course is made to be concise and to the point to not waste time and to help you obtain all the fundamentals

  2. Comprehensive and easy-to-understand content.

  3. Regularly updated content and resources.

  4. The content is taught by a GDPR practitioner who worked with the number 1 telecommunication company in over 27 locations.

  5. All your queries and questions will be answered by the instructor directly.

  6. A Final Assignment to major your knowledge in GDPR, Data Privacy, and Data Protection

What makes this course different from the other courses?

  • This course targets beginners and hence the content is made to suit beginners in GDPR.

  • It validates your knowledge through a final assignment reviewed by the instructors and feedback for instructions.

  • It offers auto-generated subtitles in more than 3 languages including (Spanish, French, and Portuguese)

  • Less than 8 hours avg response time (By the instructor)

  • Regularly updated downloadable resources that match the latest data privacy and GDPR changes.

What will you learn in this course?

  1. Data in general

  2. How to protect your data?

  3. How do companies process your personal information and what they can do with your personal information?

  4. What is Data Privacy in the digital world?

  5. All the basics of GDPR including (Key Principles, Lawful Basis, Data Privacy by design approach, Appropriate Technical and organizational measures approach)

  6. Your rights as an individual from a Data Privacy aspect

  7. How do Data Privacy Officers assess projects and processes?

  8. What's OneTrust and how do Data Privacy Officers use it?

What our students say about this course:

  • This course is just exactly what i need, It gave me all the information i need, i liked the additional resources as well, Well done.

  • Definitely recommended. Narrow enough that it doesn't need weeks of studying or a full blown book to get the gist, and broad enough that an afternoon of watching the lectures doesnt cut it.

  • Excellent choice I've made! This course is fast, concise and complete. It really helped me understand some important aspects of GDPR and how it was used as standard by other privacy laws, such as LGPD in Brazil.

Who This Course is For?

  • Everyone (Whether you're interested in the data privacy field or not, should obtain knowledge on Data Privacy and Data Protection, As you will become able to determine on your own terms How, When, and to What extent your Personal Information is shared with others, Including Organizations who provide services and products)

  • Those who want to start their career in the Data Privacy field and GDPR in particular.

  • Those who work in the Data field (Data Privacy is an important aspect of Data)

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for absolute beginners in the Data Privacy field whether You are aspiring to become a Data Privacy Officer or want to gain general knowledge about Data Privacy to protect your personal information, This Course will help you gain all the fundamental knowledge you need.
  • This course is also for those who work in the Data field who wants to obtain knowledge about another aspect of data which is Data Privacy, This is a complete Data Privacy Fundamental course that will get you all the basic knowledge you need.
  • Anyone who wants to understand Data and how companies and organizations deal with their data.

Course Details:

  • 1 hour on-demand video
  • Assignments
  • 4 downloadable resources
  • Certificate of completion

Complete Data Privacy (GDPR) Fundamentals

A Complete Data Privacy and GDPR Fundamental Course to help you understand GDPR and how to protect your data and Privacy
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