Basic and Essential Maths

Learn Fundamental Maths Skills for School, Work and Home!

Basic and Essential Maths
Basic and Essential Maths

Basic and Essential Maths udemy course free download:

Learn Fundamental Maths Skills for School, Work and Home!

What you'll learn:

Essential Mathematics for Game Developers

  • Learn the basic math that is used to make games.
  • Learn how to use the mathematical functions that are in one.
  • Get a quick refresher on complicated math.
  • In one class, you will learn the basics of mechanics and game physics, all at once.


  • Basic knowledge of Unity is required to complete the course


The time has come for Maths to stop being about memorising formulas. Don't we all want to actually understand what is going on...

This course has been designed with my personal approach to Mathematics, improved and tested with my current students, to finally analyse the detail of basic mathematics properly. Together we will work through the fundamental elements of Mathematics needed in all industries including school, work, university and for parents to help their kids with homework without needing tutors for the basics. No need to swallow rules and laws that become confusing; this course will help you understand why numbers and maths works the way it does.

Master the Core Topics of Mathematics Quickly

  • Understand the Number System and how to classify numbers (Number Classification)

  • Learn the theory and application of the 4 Essential Operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and how to solve popular questions in school tests (Arithmetic and Operations)

  • Understand factors and multiples and why they allow us to simplify our calculations (Factors and Multiples)

  • Learn about and finally stop the confusion and fear of fractions. They can be fun and easy (Fractions)

  • Learn about variables, see why you've been already been using them without knowing it and grasp how to use them properly (Variables)

  • Overcome struggles with exponents and roots (Exponents)

  • Master Equations and apply the first sections together to prove you can do Mathematics without absorbing a formula. (Equations)

  • Learn to see numbers differently. See that Mathematics can be fun and simple when you understand it through your own experience with the material.

  • Organise your learning to your own preference. Keep track on Udemy or download the content outlines, questions and answers to file in the manner you prefer. Control how you learn.

There is no concept in Mathematics that is too simple to be taught properly

The need for this course began years ago in a classroom in which work would be rushed through. The goal has become to complete a syllabus, not to truly understand the work. I was lucky to grasp the concepts quickly, but many of my class mates were not so fortunate. My observations were confirmed through tutoring; it it time to return to the basics. More students are struggling with advanced work because their basic knowledge is filled with gaps.

It is made harder by it being difficult to find and/or admit one needs help. Tutoring is helpful, but also expensive. An online course is cheaper and can be done privately.

I want to help you.  There is no such thing as a concept being simple; it can only become understood. It was also new to us that now teach Mathematics. I expect mistakes and confusion, let us work through it together. If you didn't need help you would not be reading this.

Today we begin a new approach to Mathematics and it applies to more than just school children. Adults in functioning professional jobs still lack understanding of essential maths skills. Some are parents wanting to simply help their children with their homework for at least another year. For others, it may be necessary to simply refresh the basics.

This course has over 9 hours of video lectures, over 20 downloadable materials (which keeps growing), worked solutions with attached pdf's, examples, quizzes and exercises galore and more will always be added.

The Number System is the crucial idea of appreciating the simple digits we use. This course will explain their 'links', as I like to say, and allow for grouping of numbers. In the real world we want to be efficient.

Calculators and computers allow us to solve arithmetic problems with great ease, but what happens if you don't have one (forgotten just before a test). Arithmetic and Operators will give you a detailed approach of the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This expands to easy methods to deal with large numbers.

Everyday, we unknowingly simplify and relate numbers to make life easier. Dividing a salary increase into weekly grocery benefits. Marks needed to improve a section of a subject. Factors and Multiples expands on these hidden links between numbers and opens the door to advanced topics like ratios and rates.

All school mathematics and other subjects including Physics and Geography expand on Fractions and their operationsProfessionals use them from dividing the costs of an order sheet to sharing a pizza fairly. Fractions can be easy to understand as their laws are based on the real world implications that you already know!

3 plus 'what' equals 4. If you new the answer was 1 then guess what... you understand the basics of Variables.  You and I can see together that variables can be really easy to understand.

Exponents are only a fancy way of talking about a specific type of multiplication. Roots are simply their opposites. Detailed lectures, breaking each concept down await. Learn to avoid unnecessarily writing long statements when a simple exponent can help you out.

If Maths is not constrained to the real world it becomes a theory. We need to be able to bring it back to reality. Equations allow us to 'quantify' Mathematics by equating values. This topic also brings the work from the previous sections together, linking it all.

You Are In Control

An online course allows you to control your learning time and the amount of content you learn in each sitting. I have taken another aspect into account which is the manner in which you organise your learning. For some, Udemy's environment alone is perfect for organising your learning online.

For others, you want to keep a file or 'paper-trail' of your work. To help you, I have added PDF'S for every section of the course based on:

  1. Order and Title of Section Lectures

  2. All Practise Exercises

  3. All Practise Exercise Solutions

  4. Bonus Questions and Tests that will continue to be added

This is your course too, control how you want to learn.

Purchasing this course will give you Lifetime Access to all the lectures and downloadable resources.  You will also gain my experience, knowledge and guidance in the beautiful subject of Mathematics.

The Essential Skills of mathematics learnt will help you throughout your school career and extends to becoming a functioning adult. Maths is unavoidable, so let us begin to build or re-build your Mathematical knowledge together.

Who this course is for:

  • All students requiring maths knowledge from very young grades (needing a foundation in maths) to university students needing to refresh their crucial basic maths techniques. Outside of school, those using basic maths in working environments and parents still wanting to help their children with their work.
  • This course is intended for anyone who wants to truly understand the core principles and operations we use in Basic Mathematics with near-endless applications in school and daily life

Course Details:

  • 9.5 hours on-demand video
  • 1 practice test
  • 23 downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion

Basic and Essential Maths

Learn Fundamental Maths Skills for School, Work and Home!
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