Architectural Design Tools in Blender - 3D Design

Create 3D architectural models & achieve stunning design results in Blender - Interior 3D Scenes all inside Blender

Architectural Design Tools in Blender - 3D Design
Architectural Design Tools in Blender 2.8x - 3D Design

Architectural Design Tools in Blender - 3D Design udemy course free download:

Create 3D architectural models & achieve stunning design results in Blender - Interior 3D Scenes all inside Blender

What you'll learn:

  • Develop your creative and technical skills to create photo realistic architectural scenes and beautiful 3D models
  • Develop ideas and transform them from 2D into 3D environments
  • Create materials for your 3D objects in Blender
  • Create unique and stunning 3D models
  • How to use multiple cameras types inside Blender to achieve 2D and 3D render results for your architectural projects
  • Discover Blender's grease pencil and start drawing on your screen
  • How to use multiple cameras inside Blender to achieve 2D and 3D results
  • Manage your architectural design projects using the layer management system in Blender
  • How to use environment textures to get real world lighting conditions inside Blender
  • How to use the Archimesh add-on to quickly and easily add architectural elements to your 3D scene
  • How to use the Measureit add-on in Blender to add dimensions and render out detailed architectural layouts


  • You should be able to use a PC at a beginner level
  • You should should have a computer capable of running Blender
  • Three Button Mouse


Hi and welcome to the course architectural design tools in blender 2.8. Throughout this course you'll be learning how to create a photo realistic interior bathroom scene. We also look at rendering with the new Real time render engine Eevee. This is a great skill to have especially for 3D artists creating interior architectural spaces. We begin by exploring some creative tools in blender and sketch out our designs before turning them into a 2D floor plan. The next step is to transform these designs into 3D by modelling the elements of our interior scene. Here we will discover some very useful and powerful add-ons that assists in the creation of walls, doors and windows. Next you will learn to 3D model all the objects within the bathroom to give your scene a completed look. This is the where most of the hard work is done. The next stage is lighting. This is such an important aspect of interior architectural renders so we will use a high dynamic range image to light the scene, and give us real world lighting results. This leads us to materials and textures where you will learn to use Blenders material nodes to add a realistic material to everything in the scene. This is the fun part where you finally get to see how your scene looks when we preview a render.

By the end of this course you will be able to use the methods and techniques demonstrated n this course to design, model and render your own unique 3D models. Learn the basic concepts, tools and processes you will need to design and 3D model interior scenes.

Content and Overview

This course is project based where we will cover the process of creating 2D drawing layouts in Blender. Using these layouts we will 3D model all the architectural elements from our design. Using real world lighting conditions you will bring your modern bathroom to the final stages and render the final result.. 

In this course you are going to learn the whole process of creating a photo realistic interior bathroom scene. The course uses the very powerful free and open source software suite Blender.

The course is designed for practical learning that walks you step by step through the process from laying out your ideas on screen to creating custom 3D models, right the way through to adding materials, lighting, cameras and rendering the final scene.When you complete this course you will be able to use Blender as the complete drafting and 3D visualization package. With the latest release of Blender comes a feature packed design suite waiting to be discovered.

This course is a practical approach and will allow you to develop the skills of 3D modeling while also seeing the result of our progress in real time. Learn the process of manipulating Blender to get the results you require and solve any tasks quickly and easily. The course takes you step by step through the process of modeling, adding material and rendering the final result.

The lessons are taught with practical examples and aimed at completing the architectural design project. Learning Blender doesn't need to be difficult and you should enjoy the journey as you create some amazing architectural renders and 3D models. This 3D design course will take you step by step through each critical stage and help you develop your skills along the way.

Learn how to design in this amazingly powerful 3D production suite and start designing architectural 3D models, design for 3D games, design unique 3D assets, design for 3D printed objects, or create amazing art work.

Architectural visualization in Blender will allow you to impress your clients with photo realistic animations and images of their proposed designs.

Take total control 

  • Design floor plans with ease

  • Learn how to quickly add rooms to the scene

  • Learn how to create your designed custom 3D models 

  • Add real world material to your scene 

  • Learn how to add real world lighting for that added realism

  • By learning Blender you will have complete control of every design element adding your own style to every project.

So jump in and start creating today!

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn a free design package for their own professional use
  • This course is for interior designers who want to develop their architectural design capabilities in a full free 3D design suite
  • This course is for students who have little or no knowledge of Blender

Course Details:

  • 5.5 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 1 downloadable resource
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

Architectural Design Tools in Blender - 3D Design

Create 3D architectural models & achieve stunning design results in Blender - Interior 3D Scenes all inside Blender
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